A time for everything

By turnx3

Down by the riverside

Last Saturday we paddled past this tributary to the Little Miami, on our 9 mile canoe ride. Where you see the canoes in the background is where we would have got out if we were just doing six miles. Today, however, we were viewing the river from the bike trail, heading north from Kings Mills for 17 miles return. On the return leg, I came across a mother deer and three young. Unfortunately, they were among the trees, and it was late afternoon, so the light wasn’t very good, and in any case it was hard to get a shot between the trees, but it was still a precious moment!
In the morning Roger was trying to fix the toilet in our ensuite bathroom, while I was watching some Wimbledon and some of the football - England vs Belgium. Roger would join me from time to time for a few minutes.  We caught the last ten minutes or so of the first half, and the second until Belgium scored their second goal - then we knew it was over!
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