Ann and Arvin

Still working on this painting. Slowly it is developing and it makes me happy to work on it. I started it the Wednesday after Arvin died and should finish it soon. As always my friends were doing amazing work again today in open studio. And as usual I had a great day painting with them.

When I got home I worked awhile on sorting stuff for the move. I have finally gotten all of Arvin's clothes out of the closet so when the movers come it will be easy to pack and move everything.

I spent some time on the phone during lunch today continuing to get things ready for the sale. The bank called and the mortgage has been fully approved. I decided to lock in the interest rate. I also called the movers and finalized the date. I also scheduled them to come the day before to help me pack some of the stuff. It is too much for just one person. Slowly but surely I'm making headway.

Steve came over and we finished the left overs from the wok dinner he made for us the other day. Of course we played Carcassonne. The first game was close. The second was a route. Steve won both.

It surprises me sometimes how happy I am doing all this work to move. I didn't realize how much the size of this house and the amount of stuff in it was getting me down. It feels really good to say goodbye to some of the things. I am doing a bit of waffling, moving some things in and out of the "keep" list. But mostly I am pretty darn clear about what I want to get rid of and what I want to bring with me to the new house. It feels very freeing to do this. And I still feel very close to Arvin, especially as I continue to paint this painting. It feels like a celebration of our amazing love and the great life we've had together.

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