Teasel flowers

A fairly quiet day, with the morning spent catching up with emails and processing photographs from the Derbyshire trip.The early sunshine was beautiful and I spent a little time in the garden, photographing flowers and insects. This image of our burgeoning teasels has both!

In the afternoon I was persuaded to leave my computer to go in search of a Caspian Tern which had been reported at a nearby gravel pit.  The large number of birders, complete with telescopes and telephoto lenses, marked out its location and we'd soon spotted it, though it was too far away to get any decent images. And it was also very difficult to stay steady in the strong and gusty wind that was blowing across the fen by this time.

Rather than hang around to see whether it would move closer (which looked unlikely), Chris, Lizzy and I went for a walk round Baston Fen, always full of interest and with not another soul in sight. During our brief visit we watched a small roost of Little Egrets and saw a brood of young Marsh Harriers, playing in the wind. Pure fen magic.

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