Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Wild Wednesday: Crazy

Blipped on 20/7/17

Thank you very much for commiserations on yesterday's blip. I survived, but I did have to call on everything inside me to keep it together as I went through all that Dubai Airport threw at me!

This is a very late entry for Wild Wednesday!!! It was taken specifically for it. In Cyprus, you quite often see a big hulking man on a small moped scooter. It looks silly enough, but this scene really cracked me up. I wonder if the dog was terrified...

So today, after a slightly leisurely start, (G dropped Catherine off at the airport, then collected some croissants for breakfast as even though I have cereal and milk, I don't have a bowl or a spoon to eat it with!!), we set off to IKEA in Nicosia, ready for a long haul, but hoping we could be there for just 5 hours or so. It didn't happen. There were some very helpful shop assistants, but sometimes, it just takes time to get your things, even if you know exactly what you want. Stock availability, colours etc. all take their toll. It was hard not to notice how much prices have gone up, which is very unfortunate for the client.

Think we were finally heading out around 7pm after an 8 hour day there. There was the delivery and assembly to organise. They wowed us with the delivery (tomorrow is Larnaca day) but the earliest they could organise a team to assemble (apparently I have a very large order that needs two people to work a day) is Tuesday i.e. the day before we leave. Not good. I paid up to secure the date with a view of finding someone else who could do it sooner.

Was glad to finally be heading home, but not before stopping at yesterday's pub for some dinner. Tired, but it's been a productive day with both of the BIG things now done and both being delivered tomorrow!

My extra is of a watermelon truck we were stuck behind for a while. It is watermelon season here...

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