The Start

Miss E has a special pencil to do her homework.
Watching her writing her letters - complete with frown and sticking out tongue - fills me with awe at the unimaginably huge amount of things she's going to learn.
And it all starts with her pencil!
I've been Try Hard Mum at school this week. The topic is "My Family" and the children had to take in a photo of their families.
Naturally I left it until Monday morning before doing anything about it and as my laptop was broken I couldn't print any photos off or copy anything to my SD card.
I was frantically searching round the house for any photo at all that would do and came across the scrapbook I made for Miss E to take to Show and Tell after our wedding.
I was mortifed explaining to the teacher why I'd bought in not one photo but a dozen. Mostly of me in a big dress! And all stuck into a big book with captions!
Ha ha! But Miss E looks adorable in it and there's pictures of Nana and Papa and Grandad and Grandad J as well as me and Mr K so it's a pretty comprehensive view of her family!
Not much to report today. I spent most of the day tidying and cleaning; trying to get the house in order. Nana and Papa are coming for the weekend to look after the Little Misses while Mr K and I take ourselves off to Cardiff. We're seeing John Bishop tomorrow night and then enjoying a well deserved - and needed - weekend away, alone together. Can't wait!

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