We were up and out early this morning to take our new car to the garage because the satnav and radio decided last weekend it didn’t want to work any more, so as the car is still only six months old and under warranty, it needed to be taken to the Honda garage at West Swindon.  When we rang they thought it just needed an update, but Mr. HCB thought it was more than that, and he was right, the whole unit needs replacing, so it’s booked in again for next Friday.  In the meantime, whilst travelling in the car, we will have to talk to each other.  Amazing how much you rely on a radio in the car!

I had taken several shots of my orchids before we went, it being Flower Friday, and as we walked to the Mannington Retail Park along a pleasant little pathway, I took photographs of several wild flowers, including a beautiful honeysuckle, so plenty to choose from for the challenge - see extras.

We had an exasperating experience at M & S where we went for an early morning coffee, with the result that we were given a £5 gift voucher then a while later, in John Lewis, where we were supping our free coffee and eating the free carrot cake, I took a shot of that too but I don't think you need to see that!

However, Mr. HCB dropped me off at A Plan, our Insurance Brokers an hour or so later and having done the business in there and got a very good deal, one of the staff (whoops, it could have been the Manager!) came out clutching this little beauty.  

Now I’m not one for animals, but even I could see that this British Bulldog puppy was adorable, so trying not to get the man who was holding it in the picture because he said if CrimeWatch saw it, he might be in trouble (his words, not mine), I have cropped this heavily and turned it into a mono photograph.  

After that I went into M & S in the town centre, where their sale is in full swing and managed to find a very nice pair of linen trousers, which were £25, reduced to £15 and then reduced again to £13 - so with the £5 gift voucher they only cost me £8 - quite a bargain, I thought.

Just got home in time, because it is hammering down with rain, which Mr. HCB assures me will do the gardens good.

I’m sure many dog owners and perhaps even parents will relate to this quote, which seems quite appropriate for today’s blip:

“Being a parent is tough; 
     if you just want 
          a wonderful little creature to love, 
               you can get a puppy.”
Barbara Walters

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