Playing with the View

I am going to miss this view when I move. It is always changing and always beautiful. Still I am excited about moving and love the little house I'm moving to. Today a friend suggested I call it a cottage instead of a condo. Make sense as it is a small stand alone house that just happens to be among others that share resources with it... So I will have to visit views on a regular basis so I can live happily in my little cottage that doesn't have a view.

Sleep has been alluding me of late. I've been worried about getting everything done and about going off for two weeks right in the middle of getting ready to move. Last night I realized I needed to stay here. I have to get boxes and actually pack the stuff I'm taking. Up to now I've been sorting and putting things in different places, and labeling them, and so on. But not putting them in sturdy boxes to be picked up and moved by "Iron men." (The name of the local moving company is Ironmen Movers.)

In the night I wrote a list of pros and cons about staying here. The pros list was really long. The cons had just a couple of items. Tuition gone, too late to get it back. Missing my friends. On the pro side: actually getting ready to move without feeling pressured. Being here when needed. Not paying for house sitting. Being more relaxed and getting more sleep because I feel like I have enough time. So I decided, no art camp this summer.

This morning I called and texted and cancelled the train and in the end I felt much much better about my decision. Now I plan to go Monday and get a bunch of boxes from the movers and start seriously packing. My brother Dave is coming up one day next week to help. The movers are also going to do some of the packing closer to the moving date. And I hope they will be able to move me to my new shared studio downtown too as I have several large items that need to go and I can't schlep them myself. And honestly most of my friends and family are in their 60s or older so we aren't the best at heavy lifting. The movers will have to do all of that.

I heaved a big sigh of relief when I finally figured this all out and made the change. I will go to art camp another year, not next year because of Africa, but maybe 2019. Phew. Hopefully tonight I will finally get a good night's sleep.

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