Day One

I got off work a little early on Friday, so that Sugar Bear, Ivy dog, Topaz and I could get on the road to camp.  We were crusin' right along.....Topaz liked being on my lap while I drove....and it felt good!  We had a motorhome full of enough stuff to last us 8 days.  YEAH!  then....

BAM....we blew a tire, and I about peed my pants.  I got us off the road, and took several deep breaths.  Picked up my cell phone to call for help....and NO CELLULAR SERVICE!  I tried to keep cool about that, so Sugar wouldn't be nervous.  While I was trying to figure my next move, I got a text message from my SIL asking where I was (they were ahead of me).  I was so darn happy to have the ability to text.  After several texts back and forth...she made a call for me, and had help on the way.  WHEW.......

We were finally back on the road, and arrived a bit later than expected, but SOOOOOOO happy that we hadn't crashed when the tire blew.  It was a rush to get the motohome leveled, and all set up.  A big release of a held in breath....and I was ready to go to bed with my book.  It was just what I needed to forget the stress of the drive.  

PS.  I will be back blipping for several days.  

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