Magical light...

When there is sunshine and showers in the same scene the light looks surreal. It was pretty overcast and grey up until this very moment. We turned on a path that opened up into a field and the sun shone on the wheat like a sea of gold.

Once again I got up early to go out on my bike and once again rain stopped play (only temporary though). As I was up I decided to be proactive and do a few jobs, I put the radiator back on in the spare room, made a modification to Claire's wardrobe, laid some carpet grips and cleared the spare room ready for the carpet to be fitted. 

Once these jobs were done the rain had stopped and I could get out on my bike, my old man came round with his bike and we set off for a good 3 hours none stop ride.

It was all fun and enjoyable until we were about half a mile from getting back to my house and my dad crashed in spectacular style on 20ft high, narrow metal footbridge over the river. I'd gone over it first and was about to climb the bank the other side and I heard the sound of metal hitting mental. I waited for the splash sound but luckily it didn't come. He had come a cropper right in the middle of the bridge and was in a pile of mountainbike and limbs. He's a tough'n' though and picked himself up with a few scrapes on his legs and elbow, I imagine the bruises and soreness will follow in a few hours.

After a shower and a lovely home made Spagbol from Claire, we headed out to Claptrap for the open mic night. Some very good acts and some not so good ones. We only decided to go last minute and we were joined by Claire's mom, dad and sister. I think we all enjoyed our own few acts which is what is great about open mic, there is something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed a rock band called Collosal Yeti who had some great guitar riffs and weren't as heavy as their name suggests. I think Kath's highlight was Whiskey in The Jar by a greatly entertaining old timer.

Rock On!

Mr Bo Hingles

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