Silver sliver

Another busy day at work - although feeling a bit less stressed about everything now.  Still got tons to do but I have made a dent in it all, at least.  I popped out at lunch to buy a present for my friend's birthday - and tried to call my Mum, but no answer.  Tried her again later in the day and had a nice catch up.  Today would have been my Dad's 75th birthday, so I was feeling a little sad, but also having a nice reminisce about what a lovely man he was :)  Mum sounded ok too, after feeling a little low yesterday.

The weather was all over the place today - lots of rain but also some bright bursts of sunshine.  I caught the Gherkin standing in one such burst between showers on my way home.  Got to make the most of this view before it's blocked by a new building soon.

Felt a bit ropy on the way home, but OK after a big hug from Tim, a little sit-down and then some dinner.  

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