Hotel room fridge

Nice leisurely start to the day.  My Mum's 'bath lady' came this morning, then we got packed up in a nice un-rushed way.  I popped out to get a few bits, including lunch, from Waitrose, and after lunch and a chilled start to the afternoon, I got the car packed up and we set off for Taunton, where we stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn Express.  Ordered a takeaway dinner from the Harvester next door, which I brought back to the room, so a nice easy evening too.  

I popped out a couple of times to try and see the blood moon, but typically after weeks of clear skies, the clouds were out in full force.  I did catch it just as the last bit of shadow was moving across the moon's surface, but the 'blood' effect was no more - plus although I'd brought my 80-200mm maual lens, I'd gone and forgotten the ruddy adapter.  Thwarted!

So here instead is the 'fridge' we used for the wine we drank this evening ;)

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