Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Fallen blooms

Saw these crape myrtle blooms along the curb when I walked this morning. I thought Mother Nature had created a very pretty work of art!

My ribs hurt today from laughing so much much with my girlfriends last night. These ladies are my friends that worked with me for years! They are still working so I had to rub in the retirement fun! And we did get called down from some guy at the bar who said we were too Loud! My girl Lori told him to go home! We did not get kicked out of the bar but it was close! Just kidding!

Driving up to the farm in North Carolina for the weekend..trying to type this while on the road. The temperatures are 20 degrees less than at home. Looking forward to cooler weather. Hope to do a hike to play with the new camera.

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