Homeward bound

Lovely to go to Mass this morning, followed by an equally lovely breakfast with the Morgans. Such a generous hearted family!

Mr B took us to the tiny 'International' airport, where Little Miss and I said our farewells to him and queued up to check in. Mr B left us a little deflated; we've just spent two weeks in each other's pockets and now we're splitting up, leaving him with a 5,500 km drive home and us a short, 4 hour flight.

We mooched around for an hour and then boarded our flight. Little Miss had the window seat and we looked longingly at the beautiful coastline as it got further and further away.

Home a number of hours later (frost on the plane windows at this point!). Cousteau was totally over excited, as were we. Heater on, a quick dinner and then bed. We have school tomorrow and my 6 am wake up will feel more like 4 am, so I need to sleep.

Night all.


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