What a fabulous end to an incredible holiday! A glass of cold Pinot Gris on the beach, watching the camels wander past at the end of their evening of rides, and the fantastic sunset which seemed to go on forever!

We arrived safely in Broome and headed straight for the Visitors' Centre. After some rather nail biting moments, thinking we'd have to pitch our tent on the side of the road for the night [Broome was FULL!!], we found a little cabin which we shared with tiny ants (they didn't take up too much room, so that was fine!)

We went to the supermarket to get supplies for tonight's picnic on the beach and then for a cold smoothie at a little cafe. We bumped into some people who know people we know, which was neat, and arranged to catch up with them at church in the morning, followed by breakfast.

It's been a whirlwind tour and one that I'll remember for a long time. I am already trying to work out when we can get back here. If you haven't been to the Kimberley, then I strongly suggest you get your four wheel drive in gear, and get up there; it's just stunning!

Night all.


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