Boab at dawn

Picture if you will the Barking family, up and about at 5 am. Mr B making hot drinks by the light of his head torch and Little Miss deciding if she is getting up or staying put.

Then picture Little Miss in her oh so cozy sleeping bag, hopping to the Cruiser, so as to not get her aforementioned sleeping bag dirty, and us driving out of the packed campground with no lights so as to not disturb those who are still asleep. Not so, the guy behind us who was sounding like a herd of bulls had invaded his camp as he sleepily crashed around doing his morning doings.

Then off to a spot we had scouted the night before, the perfect Boab by sunrise spot.

While I spent a happy hour snapping away and marvelling at the changing light and beautiful calm of this morning we had all to ourselves, Mr B noticed we had a flat tyre. He drove slowly along the road with me standing next to the car and Little Miss sitting on the tail gate, until I found the culprit. It looked like a little stone but turned out to be a massive piece of metal; part of a tent peg by the look of it. Mr B duly removed said metal and fixed his tyre with some rubber stuff he uses and the compressor in the car. All sorted.

Back to camp to pack up our stuff and get out of dodge.

Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek were on our list of places to visit today. We saw fresh water crocs close up, snoozing in the sun, with dragonflies adorning their faces and backs. We entered the beautifully cool water of Tunnel Creek, learning all about the goings on in days gone by. We spoke to the ranger about the birdlife and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely.

A quick refuel at Derby, before visiting the prison tree - a massive old boab which could hold up to 15 Aboriginals during the dark times where they would round them up just for being Aboriginal.

Then en route for Broome. About 23 km along the road, we heard a horrible noise and smelt rubber. We screeched to a halt on the side of the freeway and assessed our options. Fortunately we are RACV members, so we called them up, on Mr B's dodgy phone (mine had no reception) and waited for them to turn up.

The lovely man arrived, helped Mr B work out what was wrong and then followed us back to Derby (where I had now booked a night's accommodation). All good, it was a bit we could live without!

A lovely night's sleep in a lovely bed with a lovely shower and a lovely meal that wasn't cooked by me! Washing done and ready to head to Broome tomorrow.

All's well that ends well!

Night all.


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