Knowledge is the awareness that a tomato's a fruit

...wisdom is realising it doesn't belong in a fruit salad!

This weeks "Pic of the Week" comp on Facebook is Fruit and/or Veg, and this will be my entry!

Today I went to Metheringham as usual, but I went by bus instead of train. This is because Brian has stocktaking all weekend (and isn't he ever so happy about it...) and can't bring me home. It's cheaper to get a return bus ticket than one way each of train and bus, and I got a tour of all the pretty villages in the area. It takes much longer on the bus, and costs £2 more too!

One of the chickens, Sussex Annie, is broody! My dad has been told to put her on her own in a cage for two days with no food or water. He doesn't want to do that as it seems so cruel, but we don't know what else to do as she's disrupting the other three.

I'm wondering if Brian will be really late tonight as I want to watch rugby. They have to finish tomorrow what doesn't get done today, because it all has to be done by Monday...

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