A few of my favourite things

Cousteau (obviously).

BIG glass of red wine.

My trusty 20D.

My new daylight.

My favourite top.

Note to self: clean the mirror before the next impromptu bathroom photoshoot.

Loving playing around with b&w and contrasty shots.

Played a LOT with my new superdooper macro spacers today. Need more practice. A LOT more practice.

Rant Alert:

What is it with parents (mothers in particular - not mine, I hasten to add) where they try to possess their children. Surely once you reach a certain age, your parents should be glad to say, 'Job well done. Have a nice life. Don't be a stranger'. If you've done a good job then your kids will come back and visit you. They will call. They will remember your birthdays and anniversaries. In short, they will love you.

I can't get my head around parents who want to own and control their children. So much so that their children want to run as far away from them as possible so that they can escape the stranglehold. I'm not a parent. Maybe you need to be to understand?

Anyway, as I said - DEFINITELY NOT my parents that I'm talking about. You guys are fab. Man, I moved 12,000 miles away and you STILL love me and come visit. That's how great you are!

Just today's experience. Grrr. It makes me mad.

Rant over.

Back to that glass of red, Truly Madly Deeply (cheesy but good cheesy!) for the gazillionth time and a good cry into the dog. TMD always does it, guaranteed, and always before the sad bits cos I know they're coming!

Sigh: I was at Le Louvre this time last year.

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