By Barking

Le Louvre

As soon as we woke up this morning, we could hear the rain. Bummer. We decided to go to the Louvre as it wasn't far away from our hotel and it was indoors.

We spent a very happy few hours wandering through the exquisite building, looking at things we had only read about before now. The history was just amazing, as was the talent of the painters and sculptors who had made such fabulous art.

Canterbury had read some of the Lonely Planet guide to Paris on the train so he'd made some notes. We ended up seeing (thanks to him - I'd have just been wandering aimlessly) Mona Lisa (La Joconde). As well as lots of statues that I can't remember the names of. He'll fill you in, I'm sure.

I'd never been inside the Louvre before so this was another first in two days for me. I thouroughly enjoyed it but Museum fatigue set in and we had to leave to find coffee and food.

One Croque Monsieur and a coffee later, We headed home to our room armed with our books, a baguette and a small bottle of red wine - very French.

Unfortunately, we had noisy neighbours and it took us until about midnight to get some shut eye. I was so p'd off that I stuck ear plugs in and slept like a baby, leaving Canterbury to fume.

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