Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

The Urban Astronaut

A very quick visit to the Bradford Festival (yesterday... Sunday) as was sooooo tired and didn't want to linger although it was all going on!  This astronaut was battling with a lady on the ground who wanted to plant trees... but there were toxic guys jumping around too.... anyway said astronaut and land lady fell in love and the plants blossomed... of course they did.  
Also of significant brilliantness was an opera, sung out of two ice cream vans, who were offering different styles of ice cream and who were competing for customers.  Loved the surprise crowd bomb, who were all dressed up in ice cream colours.  And my they had some lungs on 'em all!  I've never seen opera singers before.
Anyway... I'm on with editing wedding pics... as I will be probably most evenings this week.... just wanted to pop by and say a huge thank you for your lovely comments and gifts for Saturday's blip...... apologies for my absence.... but you have all heartened my cockles... you lovely bunch you.  Catch up soon xxxxx

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