quieter later

Saturday didn't really start as planned. I was woken up by thumpy ngngnn-chih twatmusic just before three from the flat beneath. It definitely seemed to be coming through the fabric of the building rather than the air so I had to get up and check (it turned out to be a moron's dance version of What's Up) before ringing the noise fuzz. They turned up within half an hour, judged the noise inside the flat to be not loud enough to be worth measuring (a pity that out lateral neighbours hadn't emerged as their bedroom would be directly above the party room and also have a window pointing the right way for this purpose) and just went downstairs with their official hats on (which they didn't have... a missed opportunity, I feel) to bang fruitlessly on the door with a Maglite handle for a bit until I let them back into the stair to get into the garden to bang on the window of the party room. I opened the door a bit to try and hear what was said but couldn't get much besides the odd "We're gaein it big licks here man" and insincere assurances that it would be turned down. I don't think I got any sleep before the volume returned to full at about five (shortly before that some of the attendees could be heard shouting as they went past, presumably to get things from the 24-hour shop) but dithered a little before ringing again, unfortunate as the attendees would have been proper police (with hats and everything) rather than the noise team but the sound ceased just as I was getting my incident number and didn't resume. At least if it happens again the number and previous incident numbers are now stored for easy access. As a result most of the morning was spent getting catch-up sleep rather than walking around in the nice wind though I got out in time to get a bit of daylight and to witness people attempting to take down tents and Winter Run-related things in erratically gusting wind funnelled down from the hill onto the park behind Holyrood Palace.

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