Immortal Love

Still working on this painting. I still have some areas that need work but it's getting there. Now I'm taking a break from painting as getting ready to move is taking more and more of my time. Will be back to painting in September. So this is in my new shared studio on an easel. Friday is our art walk night and I'll be in the new studio meeting people. I put up the other portrait of Arvin but have not moved to my space yet. Too much else going on.

Helena came after class and we came home to rest and read. We didn't sit on the deck because our air is really weird here right now. There are fires in British Columbia and a big one along the east side of Chuckanut Drive and the smoke has filled the air around here. You can barely see from my deck to the other side of the lake. I am keeping the windows closed too since Mehitabel has asthma. Breathing the outside air would be bad for her.

Helena and I went to Il Rinconcito for dinner and then I took her home. Now it is just me and the cats at home. All the smoke has kept the temperature down from the expected highs today. But still it is hot and the air smells like smoke and is hard to see through. So we are staying indoors. 

More about the BC fires here.

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