New Kids on the Block

Well fawns really. There are two little spotted fawns and unless they have been seriously under fed, they are new babies. They are too small to be the same ones I saw a month or two ago. They are cute as can be and were meandering around our garden today. Raven, our wonderful gardener, alerted me to their presence and I went in to get my camera and follow them into the neighbor's garden. I do love seeing these little guys. They are Black Tail Deer and look very much like the White Tail Deer you see on the East Coast.

I did a bunch of preparing today for my trip and Arvin's stay. I actually packed our bags. I know the clothes will get wrinkled but such is life. I really didn't have an option as starting tomorrow pretty much every minute of my life is scheduled right up to when Arvin goes to The Bellingham and I leave for art camp.

Raven was here gardening. She does such an amazing job. And the painters were here finishing up on the next door house. The owners have moved out and their children have hired various and sundry to prepare the house for sale. Seeing it get painted made me all the more pleased with the job that Richard Sanders did when he painted our house. Ours looks fresh and new and Richard painted ours before the neighbors had theirs painted. They needed a redo. We don't. For some reason they picked battleship gray as the color. It feels a bit like we have a military installation next door. ;-) But seriously, I guess when you want to sell you have to pick the least offensive color you can. Though for me, book cover gold, the color of our house, is far superior to dark military gray. (Our color was mixed using the cover of The House on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, a book I was reading at the time.) Their trim is white. Ours is dark purple and also some white. I much prefer the warmth of our house to the dark cool of theirs. But I digress...

Arvin and I had a quiet evening to ourselves and took a longish walk in the park where I finally got to see one of the beavers. I heard him chomping on leaves before I saw him. It took me awhile to spot him and when I did he was back behind some leaves and branches. So the photo wasn't great but it was still great to see him.

It was a good day all around. Tomorrow I paint. I always love to do that. Have a great day or night wherever you are.

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