Making Headway

Another day of packing today. I'm still not quite up to par but I'm working anyhow and that feels good. This is the pen cases that I've begun to empty and send the contents to the couple who are selling the collection. I took photos of these this morning because I've offered my friend Anna her choice of one of the larger cases if she can squeeze it into her house. I'm sending her photos and measurements. Meanwhile I'm tackling my study downstairs. Made quite a bit of headway today.

It is hot around here today and is supposed to get even hotter during the week. I prefer the weather a bit cooler I admit. Raven came early to beat the heat while she worked in our yard. Yet I hear her still out there working. She is one of the hardest working people I know. She definitely earns her pay. It will be strange having such a small garden that I won't need her help. I may have to find a need for her to come once in awhile to do bigger chores around the garden. And we do plan to meet for lunch on  a regular basis.

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