Young Anna's Hummingbird

Based on her feathers I think this is a young bird. She has learned to feed herself for sure. I was taking a break on the deck and in she flew to sample the fuchsias. I do love it when the hummingbirds fly in. I can hear them buzz in and sometimes they don't mind that I'm there as this little gal didn't seem to. Nice. I saw the fellow in the extra when I went down to collect my mail. I don't see many bucks around here so I had to go get my camera and take a photo of him. More hummingbird photos here.

I do feel much better today. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I was pretty sure it would be a 24 hour bug. In truth it might have lasted a bit more than that but darn close. So this evening I am feeling quite a bit my old self. And I didn't spend the day sleeping either.

Instead I did some packing of boxes and put together four more boxes of pens. I won't send them until next week because the couple that is selling our pens will be at the Chicago Pen Show this week. I've never been to that show. I understand it is quite something. I did go to the LA Pen Show twice back in the day when we were collecting pens.
Now I'm relaxing after dinner and the kitties are chomping down on their dry food. The family outside has gone in to have dinner so no more giggling little girls and buzzing of the dad making something with tools that make a friendly building something noise. I do admit I will miss all these friendly family sounds when I move to my condo among folks 55 and older, like me. I like people my age of course, but I do enjoy being around young families too and I will miss that. 

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