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By Damnonii

Twenty-Eight Years...

Or twenty-eight HAPPY years, as David likes to remind me ;-))

Our wedding anniversary got off to a good start.  

David was in a meeting most of the morning with new Ashleigh (Alan's new support worker and team leader) discussing the handover of some of the tasks (including rota planning for the team - yay - David hates doing that.)  

Meanwhile I received a text from an ex-boyfriend DL, who lives down south but is at Gleneagles on business, asking if I'd like to elope with him for the day to Aberlour as he was heading there to visit the Aberlour Distillery.  The plan involved dinner and dropping me back home by 10pm.   

Tempting though the offer was I declined, as I think it could be considered bad form to ditch hubby on our anniversary, especially as we already have a dinner reservation at Gleneagles this evening.  So DL popped in for morning coffee instead and we enjoyed a long overdue catch up as it's at least eighteen month since we've seen him.

I should point out when I say an ex-boyfriend, we were 13 at the time and went on two dates (he walked me from the youth club to the bus stop :-) but it was not to be.  He was head and shoulders shorter than me and I had my eye on a fourth year, so he didn't stand a chance :-)   I should also point out that David has know him from school days too and he is a second cousin of mine as well as a good family friend, so David knows he has nothing to worry about :-)

And so it's almost time to get ready for out anniversary dinner at Gleneagles.  I had decided what to wear but the weather keeps changing.  One minute it's sunny and warm then within seconds the sky is grey and the rain is bucketing down!  Makes wardrobe planning very difficult!

And so to today's blip.  I knew it was going to be David.  He hates having his  photo taken so I am very lucky that he agreed to actually stop for a minute and let me get the big camera.

I am not going to get too mushy but can't let today go by without formally acknowledging how much I love and appreciate this man.  He goes above and beyond and I could not have picked a better husband.  He is also the best dad to Alan.   

He makes me laugh every day, even on those days when there's not much to laugh at, and has more than honoured his vow of in sickness and in health.  There's nothing much more to say other than I love you and thank you.

As I mentioned last week, I had our wedding video put onto DVD and in the extras I have included some stills from the video.  The quality is terrible as I've not had time to photograph the still shots I want to take, properly but there you have it.  Firstly saying our vows, secondly me trying to get David's wedding ring on his finger but it would only go half way and finally, getting to kiss the bride.  

Twenty-eight years?  Feels like no time at all.

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