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By Damnonii

Twenty-seven and Counting...

Today is our 27th Wedding Anniversary, which I am struggling to get my head around as I am sure I am not a day older than 34!

When I was clearing out my wardrobe the other weekend I found a bag containing my bridal head dress (as well as my veil, my going-away outfit and the dress I wore to D's 21st birthday party!) so I kept it handy so I could blip my head dress today.  You can see it modelled in the extras along with some other cringeworthy photos of the day.

Isn't fashion a wonderful thing (or not as the case may be :-)  Skirt suits with Peplum jackets were obviously all the rage as modelled by Eleanor and Gail and Karen in the extra shot.  Not sure what dance they are doing, the Alley Cat maybe?   

And I'm showing my age talking about a going-away outfit.  I don't think that's something modern brides have anymore as I suspect most brides now stay right to the end of the reception.  In my day (hahaha that makes me feel old!) you left your wedding reception half an hour to an hour before it ended, after changing into your going-away outfit and been waved off by the entire reception party.   I suppose it was a good excuse to get another outfit to wear :-))  Also I think the obligatory Show of Presents is another custom gone by the by.  Not sorry about that one, it was hideous! 

So twenty-seven years ago today I was nervously saying I do and pledging my life to D till death us do part.  Thankfully the Grim Reaper hasn't caught up with us yet.

Today by comparison I've been arranging a home visit from the District Nurse to check a potential problem with Alan's feeding tube (thankfully it's fine), meeting Kirsten, another new support worker about to join Alan's team (she's lovely) talking to the builder about a potential problem with the roof line of the garden room (hopefully resolved), taking delivery of Alan's birthday pressies (mainly a bunch of tat but he'll love it.  I hope) and looking through our wedding album, laughing to myself at all the funny little things that came to mind such as getting out the wedding car very inelegantly (bum first) in order to protect my veil, my grandpa putting on my gran's hat at the reception and insisting on getting his photo taken, going upstairs to get changed before leaving to find our shoes, clothes, suitcase, toilet bags filled with confetti and the wedding car rolling away as we sat in it getting our photo taken (driver forgot to put the hand brake on!)

Tonight D and I are off to our favourite local deli cafe for tea.  Informal, fun and a bit like Cheers as everybody knows your name.   On Saturday we are going a wee bit more upmarket and eating at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles.   I am looking forward to both.

Happy Anniversary D :-) XXX 

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