Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

I'll have a side of flies with mine, please...

So said the Tule Bluet Damselfly as he dined on a freshly fileted fly of some sort.  

It was a great day for "cycle of life" (aka, predation) shots.  My other favorite of the day was a female Pondhawk Dragon eating a damselfly.  This shot of the bluet was a technically better shot, plus it's a damselfly I don't see all that often.  Bonus points.  

Great walk with my naturalist group this morning - many interesting sights, lots of interesting conversation, and an all-around good time.  Home in time to shower before dashing over to visit with MIL for an hour or so.  To help her get out of the sometimes endless circle of questions, I got some old family photos out for her to look at - that really gets her engaged in a special way.  It was fun.

Going to give my parents a quick call just now and see how they are withstanding the horrific heat wave in Oregon.  

Cheers, people.

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