Red stools and the pope

As per usual I was distracted while doing the house work. I was throwing a ping-pong ball for the pope to chase. The photo I liked the most he is still.

This morning I returned to running after an absence of 2 to 3 weeks. It went surprisingly well and I was done and dusted before the bitterly cold nor'easterly wind kicked into gear.

I went for a hunt for a local landscaping supplier. It wasn't easy with the impact of the building of the new motorway on state highway 1 but I found what I was looking for. Next time they'll be easier to find and get to. Local, excellent service, and all sorts of products to help me outside.

Tonight I'm out for dinner. Pukeko is on the menu and I can't wait to try it.

Today's gratitude: Even with the cold wind the sun was out and it feels like we're heading towards spring.

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