A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Ever since we saw the image on the right we've been planning to increase the height of the smoking room / temple (see yesterday) that's the bit sticking out in the foreground.  Finally got around to leaving a message on the brickie's phone today.

We believe the 'Hydro' phase was from the 1930's through to the early 50s, with a wartime gap when RAF families were billeted here.  This is from the business directory of 1950. 

Interested to see:
 Excellent Catering for General and Vegetarian Guests - tick;
 Central heating - 1950, so that'll explain these pipes then;
 10 acres of beautiful grounds - just the 2 now - it's enough.

Not that long after this it became a boys home / school and it's during that phase that most of the grounds were sold off, and, as far as we can tell from the subsequent purchaser's daughter, the place trashed.

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