A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Meyesme was right - there was more vintage piping to be found.

Last minute rush to complete all the underfloor works before the carpet arrived at 1pm.  There wasn't supposed to be a plan to lift more boards but a last minute thought that if we moved the hifi up there it would be nice to run the speaker wires out of sight...

I wasn't expecting an iron pipe under this one.  The long view under one set of joists identified... something.. in the distance.  Time prevented lifting any more boards to find out exactly what.  I'll leave that mystery (and the extra photo) to future owners.

Anyway, carpet is down and furniture returns tomorrow; which is good, as the room we're camping in is needed for guests this weekend!

In other news... Elizabeth hosted our first "Quiet Garden Day" today (which meant I had to be a bit selective when hammering). See www.quietgarden.org

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