Becky and Mike were entered into a 5k Fun Run in Crawley this morning so we headed off to Tilgate Park.  First port of call was to pick up the free run T Shirts.  Then there was an organised warm up .... and then they were off.  It was a 2 lap course around the lake.  You can see the lake in my Extras.  So I just waited at the Start/Finish area and saw Becky and Mike come through - twice.  Mike finished 6th and Becky was the 3rd lady home.  The winner was their next door neighbour Ben.  The three of them  got together after the race and I took a photo.  Also took some shots for Ben on his phone.  He's a serious runner - and his job is a professional fitness coach. 

Then we headed into Crawley town centre to the Decathlon shop.  Decathlon were sponsors of the run and provided the free T Shirts as well as a " goody bag " which you collected from their shop after the race.  Obviously meant to encourage people to spend money in their shop.  Well it worked - I bought two T Shirts and a long sleeved top.  Mike bought a  pair of running shoes. 

Then we went to a coffee shop in Crawley for a snack.  I had coffee, carrot cake and a packet of crisps.  Becky and Mike both had bacon, eggs etc.

Then back home so that Becky and Mike could shower and change their ( sweaty ) clothes.  Then we were out again - heading for the South Downs where aren't very far away.  We parked the car and walked up to the Jack and Jill windmills.  I have put photos in my Extras.  Also one of Becky and Mike on the Downs.

Then back home again.  Mike started the BBQ and slow cooked some brisket.  Becky made a brownie mix which also contained caramelised bananas and marshmallows and cooked that in a lidded pan on the BBQ. ( an experiment which was a success) We had the meat with roast pots and veg and the brownie to follow.  All delicious.

Watched a bit of TV (football and athletics ) till it was time for bed.

Steps today - 12,848

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