Indal River Delta Nature Reserve

Today we took a walk which is between Härnösand and Sundsvall, right next to Sundsvall Airport.This walk took us 1,5 km through the Indal River's delta and onto the sandy sea shore. We crossed two branches of the delta on these slightly exciting suspension bridges. Easy parking and a good path, designed for wheelchair access, make it a suitable trip for almost any visitor and we've been there in autumn, spring and summer.
The whole walk (total 3km) can be done in an hour, or you can spend much longer there, looking and photographing and using the facilities. There is split wood to light a fire with, as well as fireplaces, picnic tables and toilets. Once you reach the sea there are lovely views across to the islands, and usually naturally sculpted tree trunks, washed up onto the tideless shore.. I've blipped both the walk, and the delta from the air, earlier. In fact I seem to be starting another collection!
It's only 5 minutes drive from the local airport so visitors can be walking here 15 minutes after stepping off the plane!
The point marked on the map is the car park. Park your car, walk across the footbridge, and follow the path...

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