But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Service Bridge.

I had a meeting with the park ranger and a man from the council about plans for developing the glen. I have mixed feelings about it, but there are several derelict buildings that need some attention – be it demolition or re-instatement – not to mention a few other issues.
One of those other issues is that the site is in two parts separated by a road with a dangerous crossing, so one of the suggestions is to make a path under the bridge that takes the road over the river and then over this service bridge. I believe that the big pipe carries sewage from Kirkettle and used to include that from Roslinlee Hospital (production ceased in 2010). What is not obvious from the Blip, is that there’s a drop of about forty feet to the river bed. In the distant past, I have used the bridge but, today courage failed me and I turned gingerly back having taken the picture. The one obstacle that I encountered was having to climb over the pipe, but wooden steps and a handrail would easily fix that; however, while the bridge is perfectly safe, it will take some work to make it feel so to the senior members of our community.
The plan is then to create a circular walk skirting the long established badger sett - that will take some negotiation with the relevant authorities; locals are well aware of the presence of the sett and a route past it was regularly used in the days when I had a better head for heights.

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