But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Belhaven Bridge.

We had a couple of missions in Dunbar today, the first being to spend a gift voucher at a posh restaurant, and the second, would you believe – to collect some Linus quilts. I wasn’t too impressed with the former – just a little too posh for my taste though Herself seemed to have a higher opinion of it; the second, well, what can you say about collecting Linus quilts from Dunbar that hasn’t already been said.
We took Merlin for a walk along Belhaven Beach, I knew about the bridge from its images in photographic competitions – it is normally shown at high tide when its feet are wet and is then described as “the bridge to nowhere.” Today, it would definitely take you from the car park to the beach (and back again) without you having to take your shoes and socks off.
I’ve just answered a Blip questionnaire which wanted my opinion, on back-blipping amongst other things; by which, I assume they mean posting last Sunday’s Blip on Thursday rather than the rule book’s definition of back-blipping. I sense that there is pressure being applied by some puritans to impose their ideals on the rest of humanity. In principle, the concept of posting a photograph on the day it was taken, and on the appropriate calendar page is very laudable; but many people are not that punctual and, a few more break the rule about using the right page. Provided that the way in which I conduct my life doesn’t affect the way others conduct theirs, does it really matter?

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