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Fellini-esque - again

Not for the first time I was reminded today of my first ecclesiastical experience at the Cathedral of The Isles on Cumbrae, when in 1973 a very much younger me found myself doing just what the people in this photo are doing today: coming out of the Cathedral after singing Evensong, gowns of varying styles billowing in the wind, to line up for a photo-call on the steps. I felt then that I was in a movie, and only custom has meant that I now know it's for real.

The occasion was the installation as a Canon of the Cathedral of the Revd Simon McKenzie, on the left, as well as some licensing and general rejoicing that the cathedral was ever founded. The choir, dressed as usual in the red Whoopie Goldberg robes, had not on this occasion covered ourselves with glory; there were blunders, caused primarily by insufficient rehearsal, that derailed a couple of pieces, so my take on the proceedings is probably less joyful than at other times. 

But I love this blowy photo, and I love the photo I've chosen as my extra - the spire and main entrance to the Cathedral after all the robes had gone for their tea ...

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