Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Light on Butterfield's floor

I was back in the Cathedral of The Isles today - not still, but back again, having been home last night so that I could preach and Himself play the organ at Holy Trinity Dunoon this morning. Then it was a picnic lunch on the ferry and a tedious journey through end-of-holiday traffic and crowds to Largs and on the Cumbrae ferry.

We were singing, again. But in the few moments after we arrived, before the other choristers appeared, I had time briefly to appreciate the silence in the cathedral and the lovely light coming through the stained glass at the east end of the nave. So, rather than more red-clad singers or ferry photos, here's one of the light on Butterfield's polychromatic tiles.

And then we sang: Do not repine, fair sun... 

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