By RealSandee

Happy Birthday Mum

On 6 August 1959 my mum was born. Today, 58 years later she celebrated this day with her first grandchild, her 3 children, her husband and sister-in-law with husband. She couldn't wish for more! We had a nice breakfast and instead of lunch we had desserts (the cake on the picture was made by her grandchild. She is the daughter of a baker so no wonder it was tasty!) Later on this day we had an early dinner my mum made (yeah I know, she shouldn't have to cook on her Birthday but it's just way too tasty when she cooks rather than me). However, after this tasty meal my mum, sister, niece and I went to a playground. Not only my niece was having fun. We all had. The second picture will prove this. After such a lovely day we all went to bed. Knackered.

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