Long-legged Fly

This little critter is just about 1/4 inch long and it is quite the devil to focus on something so small.  I got out the extension tube and added it to the macro lens so that I could move in even closer, but that made focusing even harder.  I managed to get off two identical shots before it moved that were fairly well focused and I was able to focus stack them in Photoshop and this was the result.  It has been cropped and isn't perfect, but it does still look better in large. 

I went up to the County Fair to have a look at the Photography Exhibit this afternoon.  Last year, my first year entering the competition, I was awarded the Grand Champion Ribbon so I figured I had nowhere to go but down...and I almost didn't enter.  At my husband's urging, I did finally enter four images (all of them were previous blips) and was delighted to win 5 ribbons. 

4th Place - Insects   I only just took this photo on Monday and you all liked it so much I decided to enter it on Weds. 
3rd Place- Zoo Animals
2nd Place - Birds
1st Place-Mammals and Grand Champion Golden Age Award!!!!

Needless to say, I won't be fit to live with for quite a while. 



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