Maths Lesson

I was up early this morning  to get jae off to work. I got ready and headed into town for my breakfast in a nice little independent cafe as a treat. I will definitely use it again - they do the nicest chai latte I've ever tasted!

I paid my bill which I forgot yesterday and picked up some bread rolls.

They were for a picnic lunch to share with my daughter Jeri and her family. We ate it at home and then took the boys to the Arboretum for a while to play on the climbing equipment there. 

When we arrived home, the boys were happy to see Uncle Jae was back from work. He helped Malachi with some Maths so he doesn't forget what he learned before they broke up!

Brian is on holiday from work. I would like a holiday too but I doubt my boss or my parents would be impressed if I took one, haha!

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