The blue tits are being well and truly blipped this week!  I'm going with this one because it's the first time I've captured one in the willow.  Back in 2015 Tony erected the willow arch given to him by Jenny and since then it has thrived.  The individual stems are now as tall as a tree but cannot be pruned back until their leaves have dropped later in the year.  The small birds have been enjoying them and the blue tits seem to like shopping for insects amongst the leaves.  It was breezy this morning, and this blue tit was hanging on for dear life as the branch it was on swayed dramatically!

I have just returned from a lovely couple of hours at the Potting Shed down at the garden centre.  Some weeks ago I realised I hadn't seen or spoken to my Auntie Betty in seven years since we attended her 70th Birthday Party.  Our family is not known for its closeness, except when needed, but this was still out of order particularly as Auntie Betty only lives a couple of miles away.  I gave her a ring and today we caught up - such a lot of catching up too!  Cousins have re-married/retired and grandchildren been born and others have gone off to Uni or are working.  I must remember to check on Lucy's A-Level results tomorrow!  We parted promising to meet up again soon.  

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