An Array of Bales

I've just reached the end of my recovery period after my cataract op so I treated myself by taking out a heavier camera than the ones I've been using for the last month. Rain was forecast for later in the day but we haven't seen any here. There were just a few quickly passing sunny moments whilst I was out and this was one of them when the bales looked so much better than when the clouds blocked it out.

Thanks for the comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's aerial shot of Powderham Belvedere. It's been my most successful aerial shot I've done so far so that's encouraging. I'm not sure  drone-ography is fully accepted by the photographic cognoscenti but blippers are more accommodating of all things, bless you all.

Off on a little trip tomorrow so I don't know what I might be blipping tomorrow. It'll be a surprise for us all. I dare say commenting might be even sparser than usual.

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