Back To School

First day of Primary 7 for BB and he was up early and raring to go. I was surprised at this as he was still awake when I went to bed last night, complaining that he couldn’t get to sleep. He slept with his new school shoes (trainers) that we purchased yesterday.  He was delighted to be able to wear them for the first time today.  We dropped him off at breakfast club and headed off to get our train, trying to avoid all the temporary traffic lights that have appeared all around us again.

I had a busy day at work. I still have lots of catching up to do from being on holiday and then having three, three day weeks. Normal service will be resumed now that the schools are back.  I had a tricky meeting this afternoon, but thankfully it went much better than I expected.  I had to run out of the office and down the road to catch my train, as I had forgotten that I had to puick BB up.

He had a great first day back, and told me all about everyone’s new school shoes (trainers).  There was more excitement when we got home, as his new astros for football had arrived.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited he was.  Two new pairs of sports shoes in two days!

I didn’t leave the office all day, so had a very low step count.  I needed a few things from the supermarket so walked into town in the wind and rain to get them  it was very mild and I was very overdressed.

We took the obligatory back to school photos this morning, but today it was all about the shoes.

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