Rod Holder

After a few fishing trips around Lota Creek in my kayak I decided today to get some rod holders and tonight I installed one. My pre-planning skills were spot on. I went down to the local camping and fishing store and had a look at a kayak with a rod holder already installed. I then bought the ingredients and tonight with some help from Jo (chief photographer and valued opinion giver) and a glass of wine (to help with the concentration), I installed one.

Note the old fishing rod and reel. I can't yet bring myself to take the expensive stuff kayaking and get it all covered in salt water. Hey, it caught us dinner last yesterday!

There is something unsettling about taking an electric jigsaw to a floatation device. After cutting there is no going back. Fortunately the rod holder fitted really well and sealed excellently to the kayak. The angle is a little bit off where I wanted it but still in the zone.

I will install a second one when this one has undergone some creek trials.

Depressing day at work. Most of the staff came back after their holidays and there wasn't a happy face. From the sound of things we should all be grateful to have jobs though. Hmmm I will have to think about that one.

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