Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Two Reeves Muntjac

Thank you for all your good wishes and comments for Victoria’s results and her new car on yesterday’s blip.
Today I have been catching up with paperwork; I am not sure where it all comes from! It has been warm and dry this morning, but raining this afternoon.  Today’s picture was taken quite early this morning of two Reeves Muntjac over by our boundary fence.
Some disasters minor problems today. The black and white cat, which has not visited for a while, frightened Dougal this morning; he is nervous and frightened by his own shadow since his accident. Dougal came in and the black and white cat went into the orchard. Shortly afterwards, these Muntjac appeared and frightened the black and white cat, the cat slowly moved away from the deer and into the undergrowth; justice prevailed.

Then as I was taking a hot dish from the oven at lunchtime, the oven glove clearly has a bald patch! My thumb was burning, so what does one do? I grabbed the dish with my other hand, which was not in an oven glove! Result, two burnt hands, rather than one burnt thumb. They both went under the cold tap and only the thumb has blistered. Note to self: Next time you go shopping buy some new oven gloves!

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