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By arkensielphoto

Blue Wildflower

Professor Steven Hawking was on the news today discussing a seven-day week for hospitals so that tests and diagnoses. It was reported that Stephen Hawking has said he is worried about the future of the NHS, in a speech critical of government policy and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.”
Well Addenbrookes Hospital is ahead of the game in several areas and goes some way towards that. In the past I have had an ultrasound on a Saturday, my husband has had an MRI on a Sunday and yesterday, being a Saturday he had another scan.

Afterwards we did not go into Cambridge as we were visiting our daughter during the afternoon. Once home, later in the day, I took today’s picture of a very small blue wildflower. I do not know what it is, but I think it has seeded from the birdseed as it is growing under one of the feeding stations. I noticed the small fly on its edge as I took the picture, but I did not notice, until I downloaded the picture that there is what appears to be a small bug, possible a Shield Bug at the base of the flower.

Update: Looking at the flower again in the garden, it looks as though the bug at the bottom is not a bug after all, but part of the flower!

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