Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

European Grey Squirrel

I took this picture of a Squirrel very early this the morning. I was up extra early as the Ocado lorry was booked for between 0700 hours and 0800 hours. By the time I had taken four pictures, all within seconds of each other, it had eaten its breakfast.
Then because we were going out I decided to refill the coffee machine so that I could get some more of my Afghan crocheted together. In my haste, instead of putting the jug on the hotplate, I put my fingers on the hotplate and the jug on top! Needless to say I now cannot crochet, but I can still knit. More haste less speed comes to mind. I have included an extra picture of my fingers, the blisters do not show very well and by the time the bandages went on the blisters were considerably larger and very painful. I cooled them with cold water and had them on ice cubes for thirty minutes or they might have been even worse. I cannot remember the last time I burnt myself.

We went to Bishop’s Stortford and had lunch in Café Thyme where I had a gluten-free Brie, Avocado and Cranberry sandwich, followed by an excellent piece of fresh cream and cherry Black Forest gateaux. After getting some shopping we went elsewhere to meet some friends for coffee before coming home. It was much cooler and windy, so I needed a light jacket.

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