Round the world clipper race

I woke up early this morning so was ready for a trip to Liverpool to see the clippers. I couldn't get in touch with friend Alison so texted sister in law Alison to see if she was free and she was. We met at the train station and had great journey in. We walked to pier head and it was busy, we knew to avoid Albert dock. We walked further down the river and got a great place on the railings and waited for them to sail down the river in a parade before the start of the race. The race started late and I expected them all in a line sailing towards the sea but no they sailed off in dribs and drabs!!! My friend Alison knew one of the crew on the clipper Nasdaq. My photo of that boat isn't very good. We saw most go up river and then went for a lovely burger, paid for by my brother. A walk through town, I even bought some new flip flops, then the train home. I bought the cheapest bottle of flavoured water ever at the train station 30p!!!
I stopped at friend Alison's for coffee on the way home. Thankyou both Alisons for a lovely day.

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