Today's jobs

Not a lot of jobs really, hoped to have a lie in after getting to bed at 0200, blipped at 0221 and was asleep minutes later!
Dogs decided they really needed to go outside at 0700 so that was me awake then although all day I have felt as though I was very drunk last night. In fact I hadn't had a single alcoholic drink apart from a few sips of Prosecco for the toasts, I'm not a wine drinker anyway.
It was a fabulous day/evening/night but very tired today.
However, I did manage a Sunday dinner for 10, lamb and ham, but luckily I had some yorkshire puddings left over from last week and they were in the freezer.
sat around and chatted, ate cakes (of which we have more than any household should have), drank tea and coffee while others had more Prosecco. Took F.M.i.L. to church at 1730, picked up again at 1840.
Yesterday morning my new RBLR stickers arrived so put a couple on the new bike. Wasn't until I took the photos that I realised I had put the front one on vertically but the bike is not vertical as it is on the side stand. I have the stand on a block of wood so not as bad as it might have been!

The RBL Riders Branch is little known but it is gradually gaining more exposure in the Royal British Legion and people are getting to know us. It was only started, as a branch, 10 years ago but is now the biggest branch in the RBL with over 6,000 members world-wide, the majority being in the UK.

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