One of those days. Long and tiring, but good.

A 3 hour drive to Port Appin to get to a ferry to Lismore. The ferry trip itself. Then by bike from the ferry pier to my bed & breakfast (5 miles - say 8 km).

The ferry trip took 10 minutes. Fun and easy. £1.85 one way. I’m not sure if that’s good value or not.   

The cycling was tough, but fun. It was tough because had all my stuff for 3 days on my back in the rucksack (and of course you need extra clothes coming to a place like this because one set is sure to get wet at some stage). I must weigh it when I get home.

It was fun because it’s a new place - with quiet single track roads. Ideal for cycling.

The weather was cloudy, so my landscape photos look quite gloomy. In fact it was a very nice day - no rain until almost 7.30pm.

I got my Blip at the island’s Heritage Centre. I stopped there for coffee and to get that damned rucksack off my back for a while. I tried to get the subjects to smile, but... I should be happy they stood still.

One extra is the ferry at Port Appin. Lismore is behind it. The mountains in the background are on the mainland. 

The other extra is Castle Stalker (at Portnacrois, just north of Port Appin) where I stopped for lunch. Not in the castle, obviously

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