Red Carpet

I went for an early bus this morning.  It was a glorious morning, but there was a chill in the air.  Autumn must be near. I had loads to do at work, and spent my day drowning in papers in a really cold office.

I forced myself to get out at lunchtime, to get some exercise and warm up if nothing else.  I checked out the open close thing again and had a brisk walk back to the office.

I did a long day, and was glad to leave the office.  It was pandemonium outside the office.  There were buses and people everywhere.  It was good to escape them to go and get my bus home.  When I got off the bus at home, I was welcomed by a very ripe country smell!  It was overpowering and hung around all evening.

I walked through the station at lunchtime.  Scotrail never roll out the red carpet on my train!  Mind you, given the cost of a ticket for this train, a red carpet is the least they can do!

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